Alpharand Airdrop

The Alpharand Protocol Airdrop whitelisting period has ended and the team are working round the clock to ensure every qualified participant gets their ARD tokens

200,000 ARD Tokens were earmarked for the airdrop to enable many people to participate in the Campaign, but we got an overwhelming number of responses(Over 205,000 responses) and decided to set some rules to enable quality distribution of the tokens. We are distributing the tokens according to the Principles specified below.

Principles for Distribution of ARD Tokens

  1. Valid Entries: Unfortunately many participants entered invalid entries in the space for wallets (e.g. other wallets not AVAX Wallets), so we wrote a regex-filtering algorithm to remove invalid and duplicate entries. This helped us reduce the list of qualified participants.
  2. Whitelisting Tasks: Also, many participants didn't carry out the specified tasks listed here to qualify for the airdrop and they were disqualified by our Whitelist-Checking Algorithm. Our team members also helped out by manually reviewing the List.
  3. Timing: We selected the first 2,000 participants to distribute the airdrop to, but they are not the only winners in this exercise. Luck also played a part.
  4. Luck: After selecting the first 2,000 participants, the team wrote an algorithm to randomly select wallets. This algorithm fetched a good number of wallets, and we are in the process of distributing ARD tokens to them too.
  5. We have published the list of the first 1,000 whitelist winners. We will also publish the list of other winners as the airdrop is being distributed.
  6. The list of Participants in the whitelist is a sign of the great future that Alpharand Protocol possesses.
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NB: The Presale is set to start soon.

Here's a list of the first 1,000 Alpharand Airdrop Winners