Play To Earn Metaverse GameFi Built on Solana Blockchain

The best Play-To-Earn GameFi on the Solana ecosystem with Web 3.0 Functionalities

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Key Features of AlphaRand


Play To Earn

Games in the Alpharand Protocol are all play-to-earn games. Players and participants can play any game of their choice, compete against other players and earn rewards in the Native token which can be exchanged for stable coins and used to buy property in the metaverse and NFTs.


Secure Gaming

The Smart contracts and the underlying code which makes up the Alpharand system have been thoroughly vetted and audited to remove the possibility of bugs and players cheating in games. The Code has been encrypteed with the highest layers of security.



The Alpharand Token has diverse uses which boost it's positioning and popularity. They are used to buy equipments, weapons and upgrades in the metaverse. Also they are used to buy property in interoperable metaverses and used to generate NFTs which signify property rights in the metaverse.


Autopilot Liquidity

Participants can exchange their in-game tokens for other tokens and currencies at all points in the gaming experience and do not have to meet a complicated set of requirements in order to have access to their earnings.

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Multi-Verse Support

Alpharand has been primed to be interoperable with existing gaming and other utilities on the Metaverse. This will enable Users and Participants to exchange items such as property assets and NFT for NFTs from one universe to Alpharand universe and have it to be fully operational and functional immediately without any additional configuration, all with a low gas fee.

  • Solana Ecosystem (Integrated)
  • Ethereum (Coming Soon)
  • Polygon (Coming Soon)
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Q1 2024

  • Exploring the SOL ecosystem and token development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Whitepaper

Q2 2024

  • Launch of website & Game development (V 1.1.0)
  • Airdrop & Marketing Campaign
  • Phase 1 Presale/IGO
  • ARD Contract Audit
  • Game Trailer Release

Q3 2024

  • Alpharand Publicity Campaign
  • Game NFT Minting
  • Listing on Exchanges (DEX & CoinMarketCap)
  • A.M.A
  • DApp Development
  • Public Sale

Q4 2024

  • DAO Governance
  • Full Game Release (Alpha Strike) & Invasion Counter
  • Alpharand Wallet Development
  • NFT Marketplace and staking pool Development

Q1 2025

  • Snapshot & Whitelisting
  • Airdrop
  • Alpharand Wallet on Beta test
  • MarketPlace Yield optimization
  • Introduction of VR Gameplay
  • Metaverse Real Estate Development
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What is Alpharand ?

Alpharand is a Gaming and Metaverse play-to-earn protocol built on the Solana blockchain to enable gamers play entertaining games in the Metaverse and earn game tokens (ARD) which can be used in the games to buy digital properties, NFTs and can be exchanged with other tokens and coins on a Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.

How to acquire ARD ?

You can acquire ARD tokens by participating in the airdrop, participating in the presale/Initial game Offering and by participating in the public sale. You can also acquire Alpharand (ARD) when it's officially listed on DEXs

Why Alpharand ?

Alpharand is a one-of-kind utility token, uniquely positioned to provide ultimate value to connoisseur of the Metaverse and deliver unmatched gaming, real estate and NFT experience to participants from compatible Metaverse ecosystems

Where we can buy and sell Alpharand ?

On Conclusion of the presale, Alpharand can be bought and sold on the Alpharand Marketplace, used as in-game utility tokens and also exchanged on any DEX on the Solana ecosystem.

How secure is this token ?

We have a team of security experts who have made sure the token is as secure as possible. An independent audit is also slated to be carried out on the protocol.

What is your token address ?


How Do I Receive ARD after sending SOL ?

The address SOL is being sent to is an automated crowdsale contract that automatically processes your transaction and sends ARD to your wallet. Add the ARD Token Address to your wallet to enable balance to show.

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